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frustrated, but better.....

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good news, tank and stand will be here friday. bad news, i'm still sumpless.

what's frustrating is, last week, i go and grab a glass sump in the box off the shelf, ask, if i can open it (clerk says "ok"), and i do, and ended up breaking it trying to get it out of the box! then today, i go and look at a "new, custom, never used" refuge/sump, only to see that it was "hand made", with seams that didn't match up, and very poor routing work. no way in hades was i going fork over hard earned cash for someones weekend project. so, i have a design for simple baffled sump to hold a tunze protien skimmer and calcium reactor combo, and i'll add a refuge into the design, then seek a qoute for building it, but that might be costly. so anyhow, the search for a sump continues....
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Here's a LINK to a fellow Texas reefer that does alot of DIY sumps I think that he will also do custom work just send him a e-mail?
That second like has some cool tanks and looks like he is good with acrylic..

thanks for the links, will look into!
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