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Elgordo......Is the Sailfin ONLY nipping at that head? or is it doing it to both? I imagine if its only that head the the sailfin is a "reaction" not the "cuase" of the problem. Many tangs will nip at corals when they are "sliming" or expelling zoo or a handful of other reasons. If it is only nipping at this one, I would say its because the head is injured, not the other way around.

Is the "bad head" shadded by the other? I had this happen with one of mine. Had two beautiful heads...but the one higher up in the tank started to shade the the "upper" head grew more and more, the lower grew less and less. Eventually it did what you are describing. I used a hack saw to cut the branches and moved the "bad" head to another spot. it recovered in full, and was actually way larger than I had expected when it recovered. I ended up trading that head in at the LFS as they wree both plain brown FS, and had long sweepers, didn't really want two of em in the tank.


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