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I’m not looking to debate what is better just stating my situation pertaining to my tanks set up.

With that said here is a little background.

I have had my LED AiSol Blues over my 120 DT for about a year and a half.
I have 4 of them at 8 inches above the water surface and they basically ramp up and down and are on for 10 hours a day with a peek time of about 6 1/2 hours. (Not at 100%)

I have gotten what I would consider ok/descent growth and color is ok but definitely on the paler side and not what I would call optimal.

I also recently set up a 30 rimless about 2 months ago with a 250w MH Radium bulb/Lumen Bright III/LuXcore Selectable Ballast.
I have this at 20inches above the water surface and as of now the MH are only on for 5 Hours a day.
I also have a Kessil 150w Deep Ocean Blue that comes on for an hour before and after the MH goes off just for dawn & dusk.

I have to say the color and growth with the MH has been wonderful.
I have never had such rich deep colors.

Thoughts on ramp up time for LED’s?
Is it worth it? Does any one just have their LED’s come on at full power like MH’s do?
Should ramp up time NOT count as photosynthetic time?

As of now I am unable to put MH’s over my DT (low ceiling) so I am trying to make my LED’s work more in line with my MH and was wondering your thoughts and experiences.
I know people have had successes with their led,s but after
having both types of lighting set ups at the same time I cant help but want more out of my led,s compared to my MH.

Your thoughts?

p.s. If you haven’t had both lighting setups……well lets just say experience :Dmeans just that!

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I was very pleased with the growth and coloration that my MH gave me. I had a 150 watt over a 29 gallon tank. Unfortunately, the ballast went out and rather than buying a new one, for just a little more, I'm going to try an LED setup.
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