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Friend or Foe

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Caught him on the move. What type of crab is he? Is he a friend or foe. He is about a 1 inch wide.
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how about "big"?i keep everything in the tank till i see damage being done. no damage id keep him in. a clue is weather or not there is serated claws, if so its a meat eater if not then dont worry
Whoa! :eek:
Crabs with either serrated claws or red eyes are evil predatory mongrels... and yours has both... :eek:
I vote for trigger food on that guy ;)
Grow him out in the sump and boil him with some Ole Bay.... :beer:
Is it gone yet?;)
I think I missed my opportunity. Can find him anywhere. I used to know where he was hinding out and I figured he would go back there. Now he is missing. Regardless, he is so hard to catch, because he moves so fast.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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