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That’s all I got, Friday. Just is. Friday.

I am off and the pretty half of the house hold is off to work. Just me and the dogs hanging out. Managed to get a water change done and clean filters etc. maybe a trip to the LFS later. Not sure.

have a great day all.
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Re afternoon Gang, glad to see something has gotten done. Plenty to do around here but early mornin trip to appliance store( 45min + either way) and a side trip to store. Got a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin yesterday, It is in the crock pot now all dressed for a formal wedding , ie everything thrown in, spuds , carrots, Shrooms, gravy to braise in and seasonings :) Scarfed down a Hebrew National dog to fill the hole in belly till later. Farm truck is getting new alternator, hopefully that fixes issues
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