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Good Morning Everyone!
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GOOD FRIDAY morning Sndwave and all of TRT - - YIPPEE it's Friday! I'm so glad! It's been a long crazy week. We need rain, please send some! Hi Cath! Hi Patrick!

Coffee is on, just regular today - - please help yourselves, off to work....everyone have a great Friday!

Good Friday morning Sndwave, HHC, and the rest of TRT!
It's Blue Angels Homecoming Weekend at NAS Pensacola. We have an airshow today with the night show (lots of fire, explosions, fireworks) and then tomorrow will be the final airshow of the season. I am working today, which is cool, because I have never seen the night show. Weather is questionable, so here's hoping that it holds up.
I hope you all have a fine Friday and a wonderful weekend.
Y'all have a great day!
TGIF!! Thanks HHC for the Coffee and I love to give you all this rain were having!I got so much leaves to blow!Have A Great Day All!
mornin sndwave, hcc, cat, and everyone. that wasn't too bad, just wish its 3pm right now.
coffee is brewing, gonna start getting my fishing tackle ready. come on 3pm.
hope everyone's friday is a good one. happy reefing
have fun mizer, wish i was there.
hi cath.
I'm up. But I'm sleepy still.
Good mawnin', Sndwave, HHC, Ray, Heather, George, Snooking, and all of TRT!

Sndwave - it's been a long time since you started the AM thread. w00000t!

Thanks for the coffee, HHC and Snooking :) Eggs over easy with loaded grits and sausage on the side. Orange juice, milk, and Dr. Pepper.

HHC - do you want some of our fog?

Wow, Ray! That sounds like a great evening's worth of fun.

Heather - I love that smilie for today.

Snooking - going to be watching the clock today? Have fun fishing!

Butch - good to see you in the AM thread yesterday.

Hi, Patrick.

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.
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Hi, Chris. I hope you don't have to wear a tie today.
Good Morning, Sndwave, HHC, Ray, Heather, George, Snooking, Cath, Chris, & All! :)

Rains today and tomorrow on Rocky Top as a storm front moves this way.

A busy Friday with work in another county then rushing back for a trip to the art supply place in Knoxville with FishGirl as she makes final preparations for a big art show tomorrow.

Mother Nature paints with her own special brush for those special Fall Colors. They're on the wane now, but sure were nice this year.

Have a Fantastic Friday, Everybody!

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Thanks for the breakfast Cath! And anougher great pic Dick!
always a great breakfast, thanks cath.
pretty colors dick, good luck to fishgirl.
Glad it's Friday. It is going to be a long day at work though.

It was supposed to snow but nothing materialized...been ages since we had decent precipitation.

Hope everyone has a terrific Friday. :dance:
i was hoping for snow, but we're getting rain.... but as long as its Friday :D
Morning all :D
Jus' cold rainy n dreary here this am,,,
Today n tomorrow left for these 3-11 shifts, will they ever end? :doh:
Will prob just vegg out til it's time to go to work, seems like that kinda day,,:arg:

Hope everyone has a great day!
Hey all, just stopping in to say hello...

Been really busy here at work...switched jobs in August and it has been hectic.

Anyway...glad to see everyone is doing well and still hangin out reefin!!
Good Morning

I have to post 15 times to send a private message, so HAPPY FRIDAY!
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