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Friday !!!!!!

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Good Morning !

Have a Great Friday!
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Good morning TRT,

TGIF! Make it a great one!
Morning Gamg, I should be taking a nap then heading up to Dr appt, I need to get up earlyu and call and see about a reschedule, ny boss went home sick a half hr after I got to work, then we got a call from his neighbor that he wound up in ER. Bad juju, esp considering the 2 main warehouse bosses are heading to So Cal in the am with a semi truck loaded with 2 support pods for the Helo's we are shipping to OZ this weekend. Talk about a rock and a hard place, if only we had a helo contracted in Tenn, I would negotiate, "OK I will work this wekend, but you gotta send me to Tenn to hand carry parts, and give me a car allowance " Yah thats gonna happen :(
Happy Friday!
Good luck, Doug.
qats good TRT ? Good Morn and have a blessed day all !
Morning Vinnie, Doug, Seamore, Rich, Dizzle and the rest of TRT.
Doug, it's a shame you can't work out something like that. Nothing in Ky, Ms, Al, SC, Ga that would get you close? No such luck I'm sure. Best of luck and continued prayers.
Y'all have a great day!
TGIF All!I'll start the coffee!Hope thing get better Doug!Have A Great Day All!
YAY FRIDAY, good morning Vinnie, Doug, Seamore, Rich, Dizzle, Ray, George and all of TRT! Doug, you are in's payday, yippee, even though the money is already spent, it's fun to watch it go by on the way to paying bills anyway. Hi Cath! Hi Patrick! Please help yourselves to coffee, plenty still in the pot.

I hope everyone has a great quiet Friday, and a good safe weekend.

Morning George, thanks for the coffee.
Morning HHC!
Have a great day and a great weekend!
Good Morning, Vinnie, Seamore, Doug, Rich, antidizzle, Ray, George, HHC, Cath, & All! :)

70's and sunshine again today and for the weekend.

Doug, sorry you're having such a rough time at work. Sounds like the helo workforce is pretty thin. Hope your mom is doing better.

Attended a nice ceremony last night as FishGirl and others were inducted into the National Honor Society.

Grinder of a day yesterday and another in store for today. Work is good!

The bee's job is very secure so long as the blossoms hold out.

Have a Fantastic Friday, Everybody!

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Good morning, all.
Good mawnin', Vinnie, Doug, Seamore, Rich, Dizzle, Ray, George, HHC, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee, George and HHC! You know we need lots of that in the AM. Scones for everyone, too.

OUCH, Doug! Continued prayers for you and your mother.

HHC- I know what you mean about that disappearing paycheck.

Hi, Patrick!

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.
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Hi, Dick and Chris :wavey:

Thanks for the extreme photo of the bee :)
That pic Dick makes me want to sneeze!
Good Morning Everyone!!
Two weeks until vacation!!!! Doug good luck at the Dr today!
Hi Cath and HHC!!!
Where you going on your vaction Patrick?
Morning Dick, Chris, Cath and Patrick!
Thanks for the scones Cath.
Dick, congrats to Fishgirl (and you)! I know they don't just hand out NHS honors. I'm proud of her!
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