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Friday, Friday....

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.....SOOoooooo much better than 'Monday, Monday....! 馃榿

Good morning, and indeed a special 'good morning' today.....HAPPY FRIDAY and a GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!
Coffee is going, and of course....
Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Convenience food

NAH.....CIBMC is much easier n quicker.

50 heading to the mid 50's, and cloudy. The things begin to pile up for what needs to be done for the big day Sunday. Shopping all done, but 'prepping' needs to begin.

What's everyone's PLANS for Sunday?
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Morning all.

Off to Switzerland on the 18th of this month now. Surprise!!

Going to uber like crazy to get some Ricola money as souvenirs.
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It's okay. I'll just marry her like all the rest.

It is planes trains and then walking through the city for most of the trip. Only two days are at the manufacturer.

Not a big fan of chocolate. Wonder if they sell swiss beverages at the duty free store of some sort.
Glad the pup is home Doug.

All the trip stuff is booked. Going with amateurs. I am the only one with TSA. I'll be stuck at customs, but at least not in US security lines.

Should be pretty exciting travelling to Switzerland. Zurich is the airport, then somehow we catch a train to the city with the equipment.
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I'll never forget my 72 Porsche with the double triple webers. 9/11 happened and had to sell it when the jobs vanished.

Just like my bikes, one barrel per cylinder was adequate. Getting all that synced was a couple bills even back in the day.
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