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Friday, Friday....

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.....SOOoooooo much better than 'Monday, Monday....! 馃榿

Good morning, and indeed a special 'good morning' today.....HAPPY FRIDAY and a GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!
Coffee is going, and of course....
Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Convenience food

NAH.....CIBMC is much easier n quicker.

50 heading to the mid 50's, and cloudy. The things begin to pile up for what needs to be done for the big day Sunday. Shopping all done, but 'prepping' needs to begin.

What's everyone's PLANS for Sunday?
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Good Friday Mornin, it's foggy and 40ish, kind of a blah start but will get better. I get to bring Furg home in a couple hours. Beyond that nothing solid yet.
Hope the day treats you all well
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Cool, how long is the training? Remember if you bring back a souvenir make sure to check her immigration status ;)
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Well you should be able to get Ovaltine everywhere like a Starbu$$.
Furgee is homw and seems tired but in good spirits, she is laying on bed watching dog vids on youtube. I am so relieved :)
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I remember buying 4 vacuum guages from the Snap On guy back in the say and mounting them on a board, Made Synching carbs on CB 750 alot easier, The Mikunis on Kaw 903 were nit that bad to dial in,
Furgs still doing well, kinda laid back and taking it easy, had dosed dinner so tonight should be good, esp since she has "her" spot on my bed. I love this gurl :)
Ribe eye, taters onions and shrooms for dinner tonight then watch tv with pup . Night all
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