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Friday finally here!

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Good morning TRT! Finally it's Friday. Was a 4 day week for me but it always seems those are longer. It's the last Friday of 2016. Let's hope 2017 is much better than this year. This year just didn't start off well for me.
Anyways, coffee is brewing, being lazy today so all I'm fixing is cereal. Trix specifically. I remember when they were shaped like fruit, now they are little balls. Well, off to shower for me, then work. Hope everyone has a great day
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Morning all! I close on a house a week from today so it'll be tank breaking down time. :eek: The two 55s are at my moms but the 100g is going to have to be stored for a while. Think I'm going to rehome most of the stock and just keep the coral in the 40b until the house is ready for the tank to go back up. That probably won't be until spring or even summer...
Good morning Christian, Chi and the rest of TRT!

The coffee is good but I'll pass on the Trix...thanks though. Well, another 4 day week next is that twice as long? ;)

Congratulations on your upcoming house prepared to sign your name so many times you can't remember how.

21 degrees here now but the weekend is warming up to 39 on Monday...whohoo heat wave!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful day and a safe and warm New Years!
Good morning everyone. I'm getting ready to head to work. 10-7 at a specialty running store. Meanwhile my wife has another day off. Must be nice.

Wish I could just stay home all day like my fish lol
Morning Christian,ChiWing,pmarkj and all the rest. Thanks for the cofffee and cerealChristian and I remember the cereal that way too. Good luck with the closing and new home ChiWing. pmarkj it's 35 and sunny to dry out a bit and rain/snow the next couple days. I feel wiped out because dogs went outside in the middle of the night and Chris isn't feeling great so just taking it easy today. Everyone enjoy the last Friday of the yr.
:wavey:Hi Phil954, but if you had a bunch of the same fish,they'd be in school all the time.:lol:
Hi Loverotties

Also forgot to mention we have our first actual cold day in south Florida lol. It's 55 degrees. Hasn't been lower than 65 since like March.
Hi Loverotties

Also forgot to mention we have our first actual cold day in south Florida lol. It's 55 degrees. Hasn't been lower than 65 since like March.
Well hope Florida warms up by the last couple weeks of March. Headed to the keys then.

Some work today, and turning in my internet and cable boxes at my city house. Not there enough to pay a couple hundred bucks a month. Got a little wrenching as well. Bought a 3' screwdriver from Harbor Freight just to get one little hose clamp off the side of my radiator in the Volvo. Saves removing lots of interference.

After that back to spreadsheets for a risk analysis on a project with my company.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.
Top of the morning everyone, and.....HAPPY FRIDAY! Thanks for the lead off Christian, and getting breakfast started. I used to eat Trix as a kid, but I don't remember the 'fruit shapes', had always been round? Hmmmmmm? It may get boring, but I enjoy sitting back and letting the little man cook breakfast for us....though it's on a slightly lazier schedule than I'd personally be on. So here we go with the eggs and bacon again today with plenty of white and rye toast and jellies to go with our coffee and pink milk. 40's through the 50's and near on 60 one day next week around here....YEP, winter in South Jersey.....don't waste your money betting on it. Squirt stopped by on the way home last night from her big test and gave us some T-shirts to show what 'proud parents' we are.:D And WE ARE! Hope all have one of them 'Bestest days possible',


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Congrats to your Daughter Hack! Wonder if there are "proud Parents of a Geek" t-shirts ;)
Thanks guys! And Mark, shhhhhhhhhhhhsh! 'Whispering.' I'm sure there are, but I don't want them to know that or they'll be getting me one. Jen always refers to me as her husband 'with the geeky hobbies'.:D
And Mark, I saw your post over in 'Premium Aquatics' site about the Bluebanded Goby. I was sure hoping they were talking about another species, but it's a Catalina Goby they're talking about. Got my hopes up there for a moment. So I'm afraid I can't have one. :doh: Oh well.
Good morning all, this was catch up on sleep morning . Airport pickup went well despite near freezing fog on the hour long drive.
I have to go get a blood draw then I get to eat again :)
Nasty cold and snow moving in to my area. Lows I single digits :(
Good news is that the Volvo runs perfect now and is as quiet as is can get with the Dynomax muffler. Not too bad with a turbo though and all the exhaust leaks are fixed.

Got three boxes of papers to thin out. Have a lot to burn in the wood stove.
Afternoon all,

Grabbed breakfast up north a bit, at my usual place that has great grub and know the waitress there cuz she was married back when I worked with a guy that got killed in a gas main explosion at work . Been a bit since I liked was there, and she jokingly mentioned she has been wondering where I've been.

And, Kirby is currently heading down to Indy with his new "parents"!!!
They still wanted him, even after I divulged full disclosure as to his history of using his toofers for bad . Hoping all the best for him , and wishing that any future corespondence with his forever family does not include the words"bandaids or stitches" 😉.

Was sunny earlier, not overcast , so probably no outside stuff on the list for me, since sunshine tends to make things more tolerable for me,,,,

Hope everyone has a great day!
Afternoon everyone! Kinda a slow day at work today. Was looking good before lunch but died down after. Only turned 5.9 hours today. Ah well.
Yeah trix used to be in fruit shapes. But I guess since they are for kids maybe adults see round balls :D I'm just glad they brought back French toast crunch! That was the stuff

Seen a lot of snow today but was too warm to stick. The parking lot was Snow White for about 5 minutes then gone. Was like a blizzard out there. Next week we're supposed to get some real snow for 2 days. I'd say that will start to stick. Seems like the older I get the further winter is pushed back. November used to be snow all through January. Now we have 70 degree weather in December and snow starting January through March.
By the way, congrats Chi! Buying your first home is nerve racking. When I bought mine last March I was so nervous. But I'm glad we did. Much better being able to do what you want when you want. And the fact that you own it is better. Again, congratulations!
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Yeah grats on your home Chi!

Couple inches of snow on the deck. I am hoping the ground freezes again. Starting Jack out in the dog run unsupervised and hope he doesn't learn to dig.
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