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Morning all :wavey:
Renaming today's mornin' title in my locale, to Foggy Friday :cool: since a dense fog moved in here around 6 this morning.

The good/bad about the current temps is that a lot of the snow is melting,,the cruddy part of it is I gotta make sure the stuff that melts finds the proper route from important parts like buildings etc.

Temps are said to drop back down to freezing over the weekend, and luckily I don't have any plans for being on the roads for a few days (yeah, that'll prob change :()

Still want to get the Silverado into the shop here for some overdue maint. and go-overs.Will now prob happen when the freeze level temps come back.

Thinking about making some more coffee,, anyone need some?

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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