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A false lemonpeel angel.

Tore my whole tank apart today to catch this angel, actually I needed a excuse to rearrange everything.

The reason why I need to get rid of it is because it picks on my button polyps and I think it killed my Zenia. I also tried to catch my red coris wrasse but it dove under the sand, and I couldn't find him. He's not so bad, he turns over small pieces of live rock and eats the bugs. I've had him for almost 2 years, so it would of been harder to get rid of him.

The angel I have had for about a month. Started noticing him picking on the polyps so they were always closing up.

So anyway, if anybody is interested, let me know. I was hoping to give him away soon because he is in my small sump.

I leave in SW Portland if your interested.
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