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Free decorations to a good home...

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I have some river rock, a peice of wood on a base, and a few fake plant decorations for a fresh water tank if anyone has any use for them. I hate to just trash them, but they have been in my garage for long enough. Hopefully, if you can't use it you know someone that can.

If you want them let me know. I will let them go for free, but if you have any Xenia frags for trade, I would be be even happier.
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I may have a xenia frag but I don't think I want the decorations...i would be willing to trade for something else though......corals

Let me know

I live in Suwanee
My tank is still too new to trade, we don't have much of any one thing....yet. Give me another few months and we can talk again.
Ummm, my sis has a freshwater tank that she claims is in need of some sprucing up.. I'll ask her (it's a 10 gallon).


do you know Justin or Amy Prosser at Norcross?

Those are my kids and Justin has a nano tank and a freshwater planted tank.

Wow they go to Norcross High?!? Well I'll be a freshman so I'm not really familiar with any names of other kids yet except people in my grade--and my older sister's friends. She will be a senior this year, so I'll ask her if she knows them.

Justin is a sophmore and he is playing Jr Varsity, and Amy is a Junior. We live right in town limits. Justin normally hangs out near Thrasher Park.

Hmm my sis says she dosen't know either of them, but then again she's not in their grade. Maybe I'll see them when school starts.

Oh, and sorry for hijacking your post Stanfill. My sis says she dosen't need the decorations--she just got a bunch from the aviarium. But thanks anyway.

No problem, I just hate throwing things away if someone else can use them. It was worth a try.
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