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My family and I finally got tired of my noisy eshopps overflow (tank is next to the dinner table). So I decided to make a baffle for free from whatever I had laying around. here is what I came up with.

First I had a leftover sheet of 1/8 in packing foam from a microscope. I cut it to fit and gave it try. The foam alone quieted the overflow but only by about half.To add noise insulation I cut several layers from a jewelry cleaning cloth that had seen its day (I work in jewelry and took a bunch of the stained cloths home. great for cleaning the tank sides!)

I used a tube of weatherstrip adhesive that was drying up on me to glue 4 sheets of fabric to the foam backing. From there I grabbed some 1/2 in heavy washers that were left over from another project, and glued them to the top of the foam board. The washers added the needed weight to get a better seal and keep it in place.

(Note the the amazingly consistent cutting job :D)

Now with the baffle the overflow is completely silent and we can enjoy a quiet dinner.

I know its not a pretty or amazing build.
But, doing these small projects at no cost means more money to invest in whats important.....livestock. (oh and more L.E.D's:lightbulb:)
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