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Well I tried to put some pictures up but the server wont let me for some reason. So I have a list of corals I can bring to the meeting for trade or sale. If you have seen something in the past that I dont have on the list let me know and i will see what can do.

Zoanthids when viewing this the first number after the name is how many frags with over 5 polyps and the second number is for the 10+polyp

Over 5 polyps$15 Over 10 polyps $20
Tubs,1 2

Packers, 1 2

Blue Hornets, 0 1

Orange skirt Green
ring Orange center 1 1 one of my fav

Bam Bams 2 0

Orange skirt speckle
ring Greenish yellow 0 1


I have many different acans with 2
or more heads call me I can explain what they Prices very
look like and send you pictures

I have one green orange and blue acan echinata $35

Alien eye chalice I have 5 frags with Over five eyes each $25

SPS ALL SPS are $20
Purple digi
Orange digi
ORA Jermeys Monti florecent green & blue one of my favorite
ORA Brets purple rim monti cap
Green elk horn
ORA Birds of paridise

PM me if you would like to see pics
sorry about the list im not going on much sleep right now
I will see you all on Sunday
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