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I have a few frags for sale after doing some trimming. All frags are $15. unless noted below and 1" or better. Shipping is not included in prices

Pics are of the mother colonys:

Acropora Samoensis ($25.)

Pink Pocillopora
Montipora Spongodes ($20.)
Green Pocillopora
Idaho Grape Montipora ($30.)
Orange Cap Montipora
Green Pavona
Acropora Youngi[/
Encrusting Green Montipora (Montipora spumosa) ($20.)
Pink Birdnest (Seriatophora hystrix)
Scripps Acropora (Acropora Micropthalama)
Acropora Fromosa
I will ship overnight only and will ship frags triple bagged and in styro lined boxes . I would need your zip for shipping quote but it ususally runs around $35-$50 depending on your location and the amount of frags shipped. Thanks for looking.
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