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Frag Tade for Autocad help

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Guys, I have autocad, just no idea how to use it. Well the CNC people need to have the flanges I want done Autocadded out. If I have this done professionally it is going to cost two arms and two legs. Anyhow, Just wondering if any of you know autocad and would like to do a flange set for me. I have some specific specs because I have some future projects in the works, *cough* phyto reactor *cough*
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Hey Pat,
My Girlie can draw anything you want in Auto Cad 3d 2d elevations, you name it she does it.
Lemme know iffin you want her to do em for you.
I would like a Ca reactor mine is leaking! but I will take any stock you are willing to part with :)
Prototypes are allways cool.
Email : [email protected]
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