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This is going to blow you away.

As of this moment we have 40 donors
OVER $5000 is raffle items
And this is with out counting the frags that will be donated

Here is the short list

Over $500 worth of Gift Certs to several vendors including Dr Smith and Foster, Dr Mac, Reef Science, Roe's Marine World, Air water Ice, Fraggle Reef, Reefer Madness, Frag Island, more and more and more

Auto top off prodcuts from aqua hub, Auto Top off and Blue line

Food from Liquid Life, Omega Sea, San Fransisco Bay, Two Little Fish, and more

Lighting from Blue Line, Gieseman, 150w Sunlight supply pendent, An ORBIT light from Current

More products from Nu Clear, Rowa Phos, Polyplab, Aquarium Design, Anthony Calfo, Oceans Blend, and so many more


Need flow??? Pumps, yes plural pumpS from Iwaki, penductors, Ocean Motion goods

And incase your tank is already full we will have an Oceanic 29gal Bio cube to rafle off


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hum I know of one guy in center of the state going anyone else?

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as I get confirmation on raffle items I will change those marked with ??? into what they have. But this is what we have so far, in no praticular order.

The Raffle
Aquarium Arts- 35lbs of premium Fiji Rock shipped overnight
Sea Swirl- A 1/2" sea swirl device
Giesmann- Refluxx light fixture
Hagen- Fluval 304
Hamilton Tech- 4 digital timers, and bulbs
Exotic Aquatics- $125 in gift cards
Champion Lighting- Blueline products=175w MH bulb, moon light and top off unit
DR Instruments- 2 frag tools sets-fine point cutters/10" forceps
Nu-Clear Filters- Filter Modle 533
2 Little Fishies- 3 packs-Phosban, HydroCarb, Poylp&Zoplan and 2 sticks of epoxy
Inland Seas-2 packs-carbon, trace, buff
LiquidLife-8 propacks
Current-36" Orbit fixture
IMAC-1 full admit to all 3 days
Sunlight Supply-150w MH pendent
Oceanic-29gal bio cube
Wave2K-Acclimator 2 of them(check out thier site for more info, very cool item)
Iwaki- a 30 and a 40 pump
Pet Solution-$100 gift cert
Ocean Motion-$100 gift cert
Pacific East(Dr. Mac)- 2-$25 gift cert
Dr Smith & Foster-$25 gift Cert
Air Water Ice-a $25 and a $50 gift certs
Aquahub-3 sets of 2 i-float elec float valves
Calfo- 1 year scrip to his mag, and posters
Fraggle Reef $49 gift Cert
Roe's Marine World-$25 gift cert
Auto-Top Off- elec float switch and solenoid valve
MACNA-dicounted tickets Only $75 at Frag Fest
KTH-4 penductors
Oceans Blend-2part alk and Ca supplement 15 sets
Reefer Madness-$50 gift Cert
Jelliquarium -Book and t shirt
Reeftopia-T-shirt, mug and clean up crew
FAMA-1 year scrip
Reef Science- $60 gift cert
Coral Frenzy-3 jars of food
Dirk-New clam book (sorry I forget the name)
Sea Schor-???
Ocean's Floor-???
Premium Aquatics-???
Rod's Reef-???
Frag Island-???
Sea Chem-???

The Door Prizes
Liquidlife-8 propacks
Red Sea Food-12 jars
San Fansisco Bay-Food and brine hatchery
Omega Sea-Food
Coral Frenzy-3 jars of food
Hagen-water conditioner

$5 gets you in, and 3 raffle tickets-1 for the door prizes, and 2 for what ever you want to try and win in the mega raffle. The raffle will be set up so your tickets only go towards what you want to win. Tickets will be on sale $1 each or 25 for $20. All non-winning tickets will go into a big bucket for a chance to win some nice frag packs.

Door prizes will be drawn about noon.
Raffle will follow Jake Adam's presentation about 3pm.

Please Note

We are not done adding to this raffle!!!
There will be pleanty more to come. Like as I was typing this Reef Nutrition just came on board. They are sending sampling of everything. THAT'S OVER $600 IN GOODS!!!

This is what the Rockford Reefers are bringing for you.
Now it is time for all the sellers to list what they will have.

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Raffle update for tonight is ph monitors from Premium Aquatics.
Fraggers tool kit from Reef Mania, this has tools, glues and plugs, it truly is an all in 1 set up!
Door prize is a 25gal box of IO and a IO master test kit.

Seller update, this from a Wis Fragger
All right, I am starting to get a sense of what I might bring to fragfest:

ORA Scripps Acro 12.00
Red-Brown Porites w/white coralites (nice texture) 8.00
Bali Green Slimer 8 sm 15 large
ORA Purple Tip Stag 15.00
Acropora efflorescens- purple w/blue tips 14.00
Thin branch metallic green acro 8.00
Pink Tip, Green Metallic Pocillopora 12.00
Pink Pocillopora 10.00
Pink Bird's Nest 10.00
Superman Montipora 30.00
Purple Edge Montipora capricornis 10.00
Orange Montipora capricornis 12.00
Leng Sy Green w/purple edge capricornis (the colony in Aquatic Specialties was a frag from my colony) 15.00
Neon Yellow-Green Plating Hynophora 10.00
Elkhorn Coral Montipora stellata 8 sm 12 lrg
Purple Polyp Green encrusting montipora 14.00
Purple encrusting montipora 10.00
Idaho Grape Purple Montipora undata 15.00 sm 20 md
Neon Green Montipora digitata 8.00
ORA German Blue digitata 10.00 sm 15.00 lrg

Giant Pink Zoanthids 12.00
Giant Orange Zoanthids 14.00
Tub's Blue Zoas 20.00 small (2-3 polyps) 25.00 md (4-5 polyps)
Denim Zoas (green skirt with blue disk and orange mouth) 12.00
Blue center palythoas 10.00
Purple Starburst zoas- purple center w/white star 15.00
Giant Green Sundial Zoas 8.00
Pink Encrusting Gorgonian 10.00
Neon Green Metallic Star Polyps 8.00
Neon Green Striped Mushroon 4.00
Green Fuzzy Mushrooms 6.00

LPS: (most frags are quarter to - half-dollar sized except the micro)
Micromussa Orange with neon green center 60.00 sm 100.00 md
Red and Blue swirl Chalice 20.00
Pink Chalice 25.00
Rainbow Acan 25.00
Blue Eye Acan 15.00
Orange Crush type Acanthastrea echinata 15.00
Neon Green center subechinata 20.00
Candy Cane Acan lord 20.00
Tricolor Acan lord 25.00
Turquoise Green with Pink Eye Chalice 24.00
Non LE Alien Eye Chalice (purple with neon green eyes and green rim) 25.00
Blue Candycane 10.00
Super Neon Green Candycane 15.00

Probably a few more things at the swap to follow.

And one of the vendors will have ultra clams for $30ish!!!

I'll be bringing my full load
"shroom sacks" a bag of mushrooms for $15
Tons of zoas including several named ones, purple haze, stary night, AoG, Dragon eyes, Purple Moon Plays, PPE-zoas, Helloweens, Aeon Flux, Latin Lips, and dozens more.
Several sps, including superman monti, rainbow danae, purple monti digi
Coulple differant GSPs
And dozens more

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wow this looks great, too bad its 3 and a half hours away :cry:
Are you serious? We have people coming from Iowa, Minnisota, and Tennesse for this event. Grap some coffee and hit the road man. 3.5 hours is nothing to attent this event. We have over $8,500 worth of raffle items, a few hundred worth of door prizes, and just about every coral you can image will be there.

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TRT really needs a spell checker. :) j/k

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Good god, sounds like this place is going to be insane... And I thought the MARS frag swap was crowded with buyers! Shame I spent all my savings on frags there a couple weeks ago. But Frag Fest will still be around next year, I'm sure.


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In just 24 short hours the madness will unfold. Vendors will arrive as will fraggers in a panic. Trying to set everything up for when the doors open just a short time later. As the crowed enters their eyes widen and jaws drop at all that has come together to make this event unbelieveable! Corals from several states, as well as vendors, prizes laided out across 6 tables and sellers holding a cup of coffee with blood shot eyes. The Frag Fest begins!
The only thing left to do is take out a low interest loan so you can buy everything you need.
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