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40 gallon (AGA) breeder (36"L, 18"W, 16"H)


150W double-ended German 10k metal halide, housed in reef sun unit with glass splash guard. (unit is mounted above the aquarium on the left side, tilted for full tank coverage and to simulate an angular direction of the sun).

PRE-FILTER (hangs on the back of tank):

Surface and sub-surface adjustable water extraction.

Dosing system for solid and liquid additives.

Dual bio-bag serial mechanical media.

Recirculating venturi protein skimmer (not used but in place for emergency situations).

Resin/chemical media chamber (again, not used but available in case of emergency).

FILTRATION (mounted under main tank):

Algae-Turf Scrubber (ATS); 30"L, 12"W, 4"H powered by two 55W power compacts (5k - Amazon bulbs).

SUMP (on the floor, behind tank):

5 gallon aquarium (filled with about 3 gallons of water).

Course mechanical pond filter and larger bio-bag floss pad.

ESV carbon in nylon bag (with passive water movement).

Rio 2100 submersible pump (~320 GPH).

Ti ground probe.


Fritz in-line, flow-through chiller/heater with digital thermometer and thermostat.


2.5 gallon aquarium mounted behind and slightly above main tank (water is gravity fed gently into main tank). Powered by dual 8W cool white fluorescent tubes. The refugium has a one inch live sand bed, some small live rock pieces and was seeded with Inland Aquatics macro algae and micro fuana kit.


Dual chamber siphon type three output (directed at different angles and directions into the main tank) surger mounted above tank on the right side (enclosed in black acrylic housing - same for halide lamp). Surger provides all of the water return to the tank except for the refugium over flow which goes directly into main tank (~50 GPH).


75 Pounds of Florida live rock aquascaped to provide tunnels and hiding spots for the fish.


50 pounds ESV fine oolitic sand. An eggcrate with half inch acrylic legs sits on the bottom of the tank to support the live rock with the top edge of the eggcrate just below the surface of the sand (Note: This is not a plenum). The live sand was seeded with Inland Aquatics detritivore kit.


All plumbing was performed with PVC tubing.

The rio pumps water from the sump and is split with half going thru the chiller/heater unit and to the surger and the other half which is further split with half to the refuguim and the other half to the surger. The surger in-turn surgers water thru the main tank, pre-filter, and the ATS. From the ATS the water passes thru the mechanical mesh and into the sump.

The tank has been in operation for about six years now.

All tap water is prepared with a RO/DI unit.

5 gallon water changes are performed every month (reef crystals).

Salinity - 1.023
Temp - 77F
Calcium - 450
Alk - 3.89 meq/L
PH - 8.3
All other levels are maintained at zero.

All mechanical media is cleaned every other day so that it remains unclogged and subsequently course enough to minimize plankton removal.

Carbon is changed monthly.


B-Ionic two part calcium/alk used daily.

Reef solution daily.

ESV Spray-Dried Phytoplankton every other day.

Frozen brine shrimp plus and mysis shrimp daily.

OSI flake food daily.


Yellow Tang
Purple Tang
Green Chromis (3)
Tomato Clown
Hippo Tang
Royal Gramma


Leather Toad Stool (tan)
Large Button Polyps (green/red)
Bubble Coral (green)
Open Brain (red)
SPS - Montipora (2 - pink and green)
Filly Mushroom (green/yellow)
Mushroom (green/red)
Pagoda (yellow/lime)
Elegance (purple tip)
Hammer (green)
Small Button Polyp (orange)
Derasa Clam (yellow stripes w/blue border)
Frogspawn (tan)
Sun Polyps (yellow)
Medium Button Polyps (red w/green centers)
LT Anemone (purple)
LT Tube Worm (electric red w/green center)
Large Feather Duster
Pulsating Xenia (tan)
Star Polyps (green - various places throughout the tank)
Cleaner Shrimp (2)
X-mas Tree Worm Rock (one piece - tan)

Sorry, no pictures (but I hope to get a digital camera soon)

I'm no scrub...I let my ATS do all the work!

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