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For sale NOT fire sale

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90 gallon RR AGA tank with stand. wood grain finish

Dolphin ampmaster 2100 never leaked!

20H sump drilled on the rear bottom.

I have it set up where if you buy them all three and added your own two 3/4" sea swirls the flow would be awesome and unreal! and the over flow is modded to keep up. Corralline covered glass is free!

Currently running with water in it, soon to be empty. Thought I would post it now to sell it.
You can take as much live sand as you can carry with it! Please make reasonable offers only. This is NOT a fire sale. All the critters and live rock are going to fit in the 36 bow I picked up even if I have to shoe horn them!
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Tank and Stand $150 or make an offer

Dolphin ampmaster 2100 $150 or make an offer.
Stony, have a pic of the tank? If it has black trim, I'd probably be interested....let me know.

walnut trim

main page of
How old is the tank I have a friend that might take it.
18 months
I will talk to my friend and let you know. How soon would you want the tank moved?
not immediately, need the sump done for the 36 gallon holding tank first
so you have a couple of weeks if you want
I figure I will have it done on Friday and hook up over the weekend
My fried does want the tank we are trying to work out a time when we can come get it. It might be next week but it might have to the week after. Will be in touch.
That means I better be getting a move on and get stuff transferred
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