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For Sale, may be off topic

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Sorry to post this in a Reef Forum, but I have some tanks and supplies, along with quite a few different Aulonocara sp., mostly F-0 and F-1 breeding, that I need to sell before our baby arrives. I have a complete 75 gallon, with a 3' tall custom made stand. Other tanks available. (10's, 20 longs, couple of 30's) Could be used as SW, as NO chemicals have ever been added to any of these tanks. Also, if you, or anyone you know is into African Cichlids, please e-mail me for fish I have and prices. Please remove this post if it doesn't belong here. :beer:
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Aulonocara are African Cichlids, or Peacocks. I bred them, hoping that selling the juveniles for $5 a piece (instead of 15 to 25 at the lfs) would offset the cost of this hobby.....turns out it's too much of a hassle, and I'm stuck with these breeding groups that I had shipped up from Texas. Mike
do you have any pics? might be interested in a couple males if you have what i'm looking for....LMK,souk
What do you want for your 30's?

Are you willing to sell just the 75 or do you want to sell the stand and the tank together? What do you want for it?
Souk, I have a breeding pair of Baenschi, 2 Ngara Flametails, and a Flavescent left. Plus, 65 to 70 Juvi. Baenschi.

Marm, I'm holding the tanks for a friend for a couple weeks...I'll let you know.

interested in the Baenschi and Ngara Flametails. how much you asking?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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