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95 Gallon Saltwater Reef setup started less then a year ago. It is a Tenecor corner cylinder acrylic tank with a custom built stand and canopy (with a maple bar around it!), sump & refugium, and all of the components you would need to keep a sophisticated reef system. Well over $10,000 worth of equipment (see below) – prices are what I paid for each component:
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Tenecor 95G corner cylinder acrylic tank ($1050)
Custom Sump & Refugium with Light ($390)
Custom Built Stand/Canopy with Maple Bar Around Tank ($2590)
Euro Reef Protein Skimmer CS-ES Series Model KSP-5000 ($519)
Korallin Calcium Reactor C1502 ($387)
Aqua Medic CO2 Regulator w/ 5 lb Co2 Bottle ($200)
4 Stage AquaMAXX RO/DI with Auto Top Off 50gpd ($310)
Precision Marine Kalkreactor KR620 ($300)
Kalkwasser Mix *=($49)
Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 ($70)
Pan World Magnetic Water Pump (Return) Model 150PS ($220)
Dolphin 2100 Closed Loop Pump 1980 GPH @4Ft ($250)
Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chiller DBA-150 ($560)
Sea Swirl ($150)
TDS Monitor ($40)
2 Lamp 250W DE Metal Halide Lighting System ($800)
(4) 36” T-5 Lamp Kit ($180)
(2) Led High Output Moonlights ($65)
(5) 3” Fans for Lower Sump Area and Hood ($150)
(2) 4” Fans for Hood ($60)
RENA Canister Filter System XP1 ($70)
Milwaulkee MR100ATC Hand Refractometer ($100)
Magnavore 6ER Maget Cleaner ($120)
Python 50 Ft No Spill Clean And Fill ($45)
Misc Plumping Parts ($400)
Power Strips ($100)
(10) Timers ($100)
(3) Heaters ($45)
12G Eclipse Aquarium for Hospital/Quarenteen ($90)
(16) Test Kits (Ph, Amonia, Nitrate(2), Nitrite(2), Magnesium(2), Silica, Iodine, Phosphate, Oxygem, Strontium(2), Calcium, Alk) (Over $400)
And, as you can imagine, many, many miscellaneous products (filter socks, charcoal, additives, filters, pumps, live rock, sand, etc) (at least $500)
Selling for $3000 or best offer – I do plan to sell it, so don’t be afraid to check it out…



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probably he most carefully executed setup since weast's! good luck on the sale eric, worth every penny.
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