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Hey all. I generally loathe people who join forums to sell stuff, but here goes. I was a long-time member of ReefCentral (apologies if they are enemies with The Reef Tank) and am getting out of the hobby. Found RMRC from a google search...

Briefly, I'm getting rid of a 125 gal aquarium and stand, Soft Coral and Fish Reef. Brief details: 100+ pounds of LR, shallow LS bed, 8x48w T5 fixture, Fish include a Blue Hippo Tang, Sailfin Tang, Tomato Clown. ASC skimmer, 29 gal sump. Also a 100gph RO/DI filter, full setup for 20gal QT. $500 for all. Mention you are a RMRC member and I'll knock off 50 bucks. Not looking to part anything out, $450 is a good deal for all this gear. Great first reef or step-up for anybody starting out. Thanks for your time!

Tank is located in Grand Junction. Can't help transport, but will help break it down...


I cant post a link, but check the "Western Slope" Craigslist for more details and pics. PM me or ask questions on this thread.
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