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I have found a way to prep food and dispense it easly and down to the ml. This may not be new to most of you but I need to share it anyway.

If you head to the pharmacy in your local Target they have a 10 ML cough syrup dispenser that are FREE and it is all plastic NO RUBBER (get a dozen or so if your know the clerk really well).

I take my Fozen cubes Mysis, Brine, Marine Cuisine or any other frozen cube food. Slice the cubes in half, pull the plunger out of the syringe, place the half cubes until 3/4th full "Don't push them all the way to the bottom" use the plunger to push them down to the botton and compress "When frozen they will not come out, this is the best part. Suck up some tank water, shake a little then dispense a little, repeat as you go. plus gives you a real good idea on a fish only tank how much they are eating. I prep 1 of these in the a.m. for my wife and son to feed durning the day.

The fish are so used to eating this way that they come to the front of the tank when anyone walks up. this also allows you to place the food equaly to each fish "If you are fast enough".

Less mess
Less waste
More informed of each fish's eating habbits.

I mix cubes sometimes or each type of food in seperate syringes. I did find that formula 1 does not work so well kinda rubbery and you have small explosions of high speed fish guts shooting directly into the tops of the poor little guys heads, not a good idea.

I have a tray in my freezer to prep about 14 10ml Syringes per week. Put them in baggies "NEVER ALLOWING THEM TO THAW". Take one out of the bag, set in in your feed container for about 5 to 10 minutes and then feed. or place it in the fridge as I do for my wife and kids to feed during the day. I never leave them un refridgerated and anything that has been in the frige for more then 8 hours I usually try to use right away.
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