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Food for Copperband Butterfly

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Anyone have suggestions for food, other than live or fresh?

So far, mine has been doing well with frozen mysis shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms, and zooplankton. Looking for something else either dried or frozen to add.

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Hrm... I wish mine would take to frozen foods... so far it only eats gut-loaded brine or red tubifex... both bring out a feeding frenzy, but it just looks at frozen/processed foods like they're an alien object. :)
If yours is eating all you mention then I wouldn't worry about adding anything else to its diet... except something live... :D
thanks...glad to hear mine is doing well!
I use my home made "mush" to feed my copperband along with frozen mysis shrimp as well.

Frozen mush consist of raw shrimp, clams, scallops, raw fish, nori and etc. and I grind it all up with some salt water and flatten it out in a freezer bag and freeze it and break off a chunk and feed the tank and the copperband loves it!

The way I got the copperband to eat it was not feed the tank for 3-4 days and then dropped in the mush first and the copperband had no problems eating it as I am sure it was hungry!;)
I just lost my Copperband, after about 8 months. I never saw him eat anything that I dropped in the tank. He took care of all the aptasia, and was constantly picking at the lr, but never any prepared foods. I feed approx 6 different frozen varieties, and at least that many dry/flake. I was sick when I lost him, I really think that he starved. He looked good even post mortum. I will have to try Johnnies mush next time. I need some time to mourn !
We feed our copperband homemade mush and mysis. As long as he's eating frozen I wouldn't tempt him with live foods. Try making some seafood mush. All your fish will love it. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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