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My question is related to flow. To start will be LPS / Softies with a move to SPS.

I've recently put up a new 90 that is going to be partial reef to begin and then grow from there. Over the years i've done FOWLR and in my 150 I've had 3 Koralia Evolution 1050's.

In my 90 i've put 2 - Jebao RW-8 Wavemaker's with controllers on opposite ends of the tank middle of the glass on alternating current -

Is this enough?

Should I keep a couple of the Koralia's? Currently two of them are set mid point on the end glass basically pointed up to stir up the top water. ( I know that doesn't sound right but I couldn't think of a better description )



* Marineland 90 gallon crystal clear corner flo - 700 gph flow capacity
* 165W Black box LEDS x 2
* Jebao Wireless RW-8 wave maker with electronic controller x 2
* Hydor Koralia Evolution 1050 x 3
* JBJ lighting Auto Top Off - 10 gallon reserve
* 30 gallon sump / refugium
* Dual skimmer sock
* Eshopps PSK-150 protein skimmer
* Mag 12 return pump
* 60 lbs live sand ( 2+ inch sand bed )
* 40 lbs base rock
* 3" yellow tang
* 2" blue tang
* 1" oscellaris clown x 2
* Green Star Polyp
* Green Plate Coral
* Small star fish
* Red fire shrimp
* Hermits x 5
* Snail x 5

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pmarkj - thanks. Yes these are the wireless / 8 different settings etc... I've tried the Koralia's on a controller before but the old start backward every other time just got old. I like these to this point. Will keep a Koralia for circulation for the moment.

GotReef - would not have been my choice. Guy that I bought the tank from had them in it. I didn't think he was giving me fish etc. I was basically buying the tank and equipment. When I showed up for the tank it caught me by surprise. This was late on a Sunday and both my LFS were closed so I couldn't re-home them. Had to get the tank setup and give them a home. Everything survived thankfully. I've just upgraded my lights and trying to let everything settle.

Well aware of the breed limitations...
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