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Florida Solar Eclipse

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Well here it is boys pic of the solar eclipse from Florida suprised my camera even got it as far away as it is :D
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COOL Casey! just checkin it out here,,,,,
couldn't see it from where i'm at, too much haze from mexico.
We tried to see it, but the clouds have started rolling in. :( Thanks for the pics.

clear sky , but its only a third shaded here :(
It was cloudy here :( but about a half hour after the event, the clouds rolled out, of course.

Thanks, Casey!
I saw some here in so-cal, but being that yesterday was how it was, needless to say, fooboodah & I were definetly preoccuppied.

Casey!! Thanks for the pic! Those of us in SC (from Columbia - west..) had too much cloud cover.
uhhh, did this happen today?

i've been at hd for the past couple hours :) didn't know anything about an eclipse today :(

thansk for the pic casey!
Jay it happened last night around 10ish here .:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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