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Specifications as of 8/24/2004:

Tank Basics:
100g TruVu Acrylic with built in sump, drilled.
DIY Stand
DIY Hood and Pendant
DIY Venturi
DIY Sump w/ macro/LS/LR chamber

Water cirulation:
Iwaki 55RLT for skimmer
Iwaki 30RLT for sump return
Two Hagen 802 Powerheads on 7X24
Two Maxi-Jet 600 Poerheads on a alternating wavemaker 10hrs/day.

2-48" URI Florescent Lamps Actinic Blue VHO on an Icecap 660 ballast (12 hours)
2-400W Iwasaki 6500K on DIY ballast. (8 hours)

Digital temp Controller driving two ceramic heaters (in sump)
5 gallon auto top-off (bucket) using electronic level sensor fed by RO/DI

Homemade mash every other day (maybe).
DT's phytoplankton once a week

35g water change once a month.
Clean skimmer once a month.

Stocking s of 8/24/2004:

1 - Bi Color Angel
1 - Naso Tang
1 - Bangai Cardnals
3 - Spotted Cardnals
1 - Cleaner Shrimp
1 - Banded Bullet
1 - Pencil Urchin
1 - condylactis gigantea (condy) anemone
2 - T.derasa Clam 3"
1 - T.crocea Clam 4+"
Various SPS
Green Star Polyps
Cabbage Leather
Green Sinularia (Green Tree Leather)
Finger Leather
5 - Various Brittle Stars (one lives in sump for detrius cleanup)
Several - Turbo Snails
Several - Red Leg and Blue Leg Hermits

Click here to see pics
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