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OK, so the short end of the story is I have a busted CL-85 chiller and a tank of dead fish + coral. I popped open the chiller and find most of the wiring has melted coating, the coating around the copper wire on the electromagnet is gone, the display and the capacitor both smell pretty bad. It's used and over a year old so out of warranty.

Here's where I need some help. I do still have the fan, heat sink and water container (all one unit). I found the specs on the fan, 24v .8amp and I can wire that up to a DC transformer. There are two wires running into the area where the water actually gets chilled, those wires are hooked up to the display. Does anyone know what they are for and is it possible to just hard wire them to AC to give me a constantly running chiller? It seemed to run all the time as it was.

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