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So I have to move my 120g mixed reef with a 12 fish and inverts. Right now I have two 25g temp tanks in my new place with a 20 g sump.

I want to move the fish, corals and inverts to the new tanks before I move the tank, sand and live rock.

My question is - when filling the two 25s and the 20g sump, how much of the current DT water should I use vs new water to make?

The current DT has somewhat high PO4 and NO3 right now, so I want to make sure I have 0 for the temp tanks.

I was going to put a bag of carbon I have from an AquaClear HOB filter as well as some of the DT live rock (basted and rinsed) in the sump.

Depending on how much DT water goes in the temp tank setup, will the live rock be enough to get the system cycled quickly?
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