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Fish ID

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I was given my tank by a friend, she bought a used, larger tank and gave me the fish that were in that tank. We were able to identify all except for one fish. We have it narrowed down to a damsel, but what kind. I am just curious, no problems at this time. it looks more blue in the picture than it actually looks like in the tank. The back half is a muted yellow.


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I appreciate your input. I checked Australian Tasmanian Devil Damsel online and I don't think that is it. The pictures of the Tas Damsel shows it as a brilliant blue, plus it has a black dot behind the dorsal fin. My fish is more a gray/blue, it looks more blue in the picture than it actually looks. My fish does not have the dot behind the dorsal. It has a small dot behind the eye/gill.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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