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Fish for a 30G Tank

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I have had a fish only tank set up for about 5 years now and one of the things that I struggle with is finding good swimming fish that will be fine in a smaller tank. Does any one have any suggestions for fish that will do fine in a 30 gallon tank? Currently I have a ocellaris clown, damsel fish, and a lawn mower blenny. I had a couple of green chromis that recently died. They weren't bad fish, I am just looking for something different.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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It'll be tough to get an open swimming fish with a damsel already in there. I think you're pretty well stocked for a 30g - you've already got the damsel and the clowns in the water column. If anything were added I'd suggest something bottle dwelling like a watchman goby. If you were to trade in the damsel though, then maybe a sixline wrasse?
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