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I am planning on getting on a pair of seahorses. These would be my first. I have biocube 14g setup that has been cycled with liverock, coral, and a mandarin goby, and a shrimp. I was thinking on getting two female reidi. Do they tend to be smaller? Are they colorful? Is my tank size too small for two horses even if I go for a little bit smaller species? My temperature is at about 76-77. Also, is the filter that my biocube came with okay for seahorses? And do I need a protein skimmer? Cause I don't know what that is. is that good or Should i be more 72-74??Any comments would be helpful! Thanks.

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I hate to tell you but there are no species of seahorse that it would be suitable for a pair in that 14g.
It is too large for dwarfs and it is too small for standard seahorses like kuda, reidi, erectus, barbouri, etc...
Even the smaller fuscus if they were still available, (and they aren't as of now) would not work out.
Reidi are about the same length as erectus but they aren't as "full bodied". The erectus have a deep chest.
Any seahorse could be colourful but the problem is that they change to suit their environment and nobody has found out just what it takes to get them to a colour they want.
Many people pay extra and buy coloured seahorses only to find that after in their tank, the loose most or all of the colour they were bought for.
Temperature of 76 to 77° is just a bit higher than the recommended range of 68 to 74°.
A protein skimmer is a definite asset as it removes the dissolved organics from the water.
I don't know what the filter is like but it would have to be cleaned at the very least, once a week as water quality is the most important factor in seahorse keeping, much more than it is for a reef tank even.
I use rock in the sump for my biological filter and have a power head with an attached filter that I use after feedings to remove as much of the uneaten foods as possible.
Have you read the links at the bottom of "My Thoughts...." linked in my signature? They are a good source of primary information on seahorse keeping.
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