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Main: 48 x 15.5 x 24

sump/fuge: 20L glass aquarium

Return pump: Little Giant 4 curculation series (~1400 gph). Return line also travels through a scwd prior to re-entry to the main.

Drain: Dual corner internal overflows w/ duros sandpipes through the bottom the tank.

Lighting: dual pfo 250 MH w/ xm 20K bulbs, w/ reverse time dual 55 watt pcf lighting for the sump.

Protein skimmer: Remora w/ maxijet 1200

Planning to have this tank full of water within the next two weeks. I am also planning:
~3-4" dsb
~4-5 green chromis
~1-2 false percula's
1 wrasse- still unsure about which one.

Oh yea, I bought and installed a R/O filter system from canada (75 gph)

I think that this is all, if not I will edit later. However, since this is my first marine/reef tank I decided not to go cheap and have to replace things later. Let me know what you think?


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