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Finding Fulham ballast

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Does anyone know where I can find the new fulham MH ballasts? I am looking for the 70 watt one.....I am thinking about added a MH to my 6 gallon nano..... and I just cant find this anywhere!

Thanks for the help!

William Mann
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Check out this link:

This ballast(70 watts) was on the page but don't know if it is made by fulham!:)
Thats the idea I am looking for but I want the HIGHHORSE METAL HALIDE ballast they make. Heres the link.
I tried but could not find what you are after!! Hopefully someone will have better success!!:)
Thanks for your help MontanaRocknReefer!!!
I sell the workhorse 7's and have tried to get the high -horse. Not available for at least another year if at that. Still product testing. :rolleyes:
Ahh, thank you for the information. Is there another ballast out there that will run the 70 watt bulbs like the fulham ballasts that you carry?
William, have you tried Grainger?

I got my Fulham Workhorse 5s at Grainger - albeit about 3 years ago...

Naw, I didnt. I found someone on nano-reef that sold me an electronic one $17 so I got one!

Jenn, do you have the 70 watt Ushio bulbs? PM me about the price and info. abouth them.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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