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Finally FS: 90g RR with stand and hood

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Sorry about the tease so long folks, I finally had time to clean this tank up after using it.
The tank:
It's dimensions are 36x24x24. There is some slight damage to the top that I repaired. A metal halide light melted the plastic somewhat. It didn't cause any real structural damage, but I added a brace just in case so you can sleep fine at night. This tank is several years old, but today I buffed it inside and out, except the inside on the sides. Since I wasn't sure if the buyer will be viewing the tank from the side, it's at your discretion if you want to buff the sides on the inside (I already did them on outside). The front looks great though, very few scratches, and when filled, they are very hard to see. In this pic I just risned it out, those are water drops, don't be alarmed.

Like I said earlier, two 1 in returns and two 1.5 in drains. locline included on returns. All bulkheads are included, all you need to provide your own stand pipes.

The stand

The stand is an oceanic stand, but fits this tank almost perfectly. I repainted it and rebraced it. The inside is a very tough marine grade white paint. The outside is gloss black enamel. I did the paint job myself and it shows. What looks like dust or dirt in the pictures are probably nicks or imperfections. But don't get me wrong, it looks deceivingly great from 4-5 ft away, but when you get up and examine it you'll see it orange peeled in some areas, on the sides the paint sagged slightly, and there are a several nicks from handling before the paint completely cured. I lucked out and the front looks the best. I'd rate it a 6 out of 10, but I'm slightly biased. I suggest you come down and look at it before making an offer.

All the hardware is brand new brass. I still think it would look fine in someone's living room, but I'm warning you its not perfect by any means. It would make a great setup for someone on a budget, or a second tank for others (because after one reef tank you're on a tight budget :)) While it probably shouldn't be the center piece of a room, in the corner or a in a secondary room it would be fine. You really need to come by to see it.


It's an oceanic hood that came with the stand. It is only 6 in tall so its best for VHO or PC lights. But I will include a "lifter" that raised the hood and matches everything so the hood is 12" tall, suitable for halides. Its realitively easy to retrofit to the original hood. I repainted the hood as well and it looks pretty good. Same gloss black on the out, and bright white on the inside.

I have several ballasts and reflectors available to the buyer as well. Such as an icecap 430 ballast with three pairs of endcaps, as well as several PC ballasts and endcaps. I even have a slim 150W HQI metal halide pendant that will fit in this slim 6" tall hood. It has 55W PCs to boot. If you desire lighting, just contact me about it, and we can decide on a total price.

I bought this setup from jenn at imagine ocean about 9 months ago for $200. It needed a lot of work then, and I've invested many days and dollars improving this tank and stand. I am asking $250, but please don't think I'm profiting at all. Trust me, I am selling this at a loss. Also, Jenn cared for this system when it was in service. It developed a leak because the stand (Oceanic) was not designed for an acrylic tank. Andy (myreef) repaired the seam, and I made modifications to the stand for additional support, and the tank was sucessfully run for 6 months in my care.
All it all, this setup is great for a DIY'er on a budget. If you're aren't into DIY, I can help you out with installing lighting if you want a total package ready to run. I even have the right PVC to make two durso standpipes if need be. All you'll need is a small can of touch up paint to cover a few nicks, toss in two standpipes, and a sump with return pump, and you're good to go. Feel free to contact me via email or phone to discuss further. Thanks for looking...
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I'd like to get rid of this. $225. Or for $250 I'll include the 40g setup fer free.

Let me talk to the wife again. I have been trying to convince her that the 90 gal is the way I need to go.

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