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Final Water testing...whats best?

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Ok I am about to complete my Closed loop system tommarrow, I am still waiting for my sump/refuge..but teh top end is plumbed. So onec I receive my sump I will plumb teh drain and plumb my open system pump. So what is the next step? The unit will be shoved against the wall when done , giving me limited space to fix things. Should I fill the tank up now, test the plumbing and then drain to move back into place? If so should I do a tap water test or test with salt water? I am worried if I do a tap water test, the water would remain in my CL system and haunt me later....please someone give me some direction?

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Do a tap water test.....salt is too expensive to waste...just "unhook" your pump when you are done and let it all drain out....let it dry, and you will be fine. It might leave some traces behind but not enough to cause you future harm.
Like Dave said do a tap test then drain and move into place I did it 3 times on my 180 :)
I figured it would be best, + less messy if you have a leak....I just didn't want to risk leaving any unwanted elements as I am usually anal about using RO water..

thanks guys
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