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Once a tank is set-up for awhile can you take the filtration off, and let the rock filter itself? Putting a skimmer on the tank once a week..
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i personally skimm 24/7 but i know alot of people skim one week a month..
I skim 24/7 as well, I was just wondering, I'm trying to get the closest thing to the ocean that I can get, So after a while can you take the filtration off and let the rock do the filtering?
eric b even touts about going skimmerless...which is possible....all depends on your bio load
you'll find that MANY people use no filter on a sw tank. if you have adequate amount of LR and/or LS that IS your filter.

and it's been said that it also will yeild lower nitrates than a bio ball or bio wheel system.

my fowlr was getting close to 40 on the nitrate readings. after removing the bio balls from my wet dry and making it just a sump, my nitrates now stay below 20

fwiw: i removed 1/3 of my bio balls per week for 3 weeks. jsut to avoid any sudden changes in the biological element of the filtration.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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