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So I Have A 55 Gallon Tank And A 30 Gallon Tall Tank I Am Thinking About Using As A Refugium/Sump but I have some questions

1. Can My Refugium/Sump Have Only One Chamber.ive seen them with the baffles but wanted to know can I do it with out them.
2. Can The Sump Refugium House Fish?

3 What All Do I Need For A Sump Refugium

First off understand that a sump and a refugium are 2 different things, While they have been combined , it is hard to pull off without baffles to separate the functions

What I Have
Tank Bak Pak Protein Skimmer marginal at best for a 55g , I would look into getting a better in sump skimmer
100 Gallon Aqua Clear Filter not needed and hard to run in sump
2 power heads no idea what you have now but you may want to research better ones
2 bubblers and in tank filter not needed and more detrimental than useful

I would like to take all of that out of my big tank and put them in the 30 gal
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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