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I need some help configuring filtration and water movement in my 300 gallon reef tank. My tank is not a drill tank. I have an overflow box with two 1 & 1/2 inch down pipes. 1.0 going to my 55 gal refugium and the other pipe going to my 30 gal sump. Water is returned to the tank in 2 ways. 1, from the 30 gallon sump using a Mag Drive 2400 through a Rainbow Lifeguard 3 stage filtration unit. 2, from my refugium where my protein skimmer sits, overflow into an open area where I have all my algae, and then finally into the return area where its return to the tank using a Mac Drive 1800. In addition I have four power heads moving water in the tank. one on each end of the tank pushing toward the middle and surface, one towards the bottom right corner pushing water across the back wall, and one in the center of back wall pushing water to the front of the tank.

I have another 55 gal tank, and another overflow box that I am thinking about adding to the setup, but not sure what configuration will provide most optimum benefit.

I can provide pictures of the configuration but if needed. I know this can be set up a lot better. Originally, I started out as a FOWLER tank, but later decided to make it a reef tank. I have 12 fishes, mainly large tangs and other small wrasses, and clown fishes. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.


Mike G
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