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Fiji Dive Pics!!

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Well, just got back from our trip to New Zealand and Fiji and just got my dive pics all sorted out and prettied up as much as possible and slapped together a web page for anyone who is interested.

I put a link on my homepage at under the hyperlink "Vacation Pics".

This was my first saltwater diving (just got certified back in May specifically in preparation for this trip) and also the camera setup was new as well. All pics were taken with an Olympus 5050Z with an Olympus housing with a wide angle lens and Ikelite DS125 strobe. The faults with the pictures were not the fault of the equipment by any means but rather the skill of the one taking the pictures! Underwater photography is definitely a challenge as I took over 400 pics to get the ones you see on the page.

Fiji was AWESOME!!! Everyone there is so friendly and relaxed! We really enjoyed our stay at and we did our diving with we booked our airfare through We were very happy with everything about our stay except having to come home when our vacation was over! :(

The final package was actually pretty reasonable, not a whole lot more than a package trip to the Carribean. If you are really interested shoot me an email and I will give you all the details.

Anyway, don't be to critical of my first attempt at scuba diving and underwater photography. Hopefully there are a few pictures on there that you can enjoy. It really was amazing.

As I get my other pics together I will add them to the website in some form or fashion. Still have about 250 snorkeling pics to go through and about 400 pics of the scenery in Fiji and New Zealand!

FWIW, Nathan
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Good stuff. Just a suggestion...use a red filter when taking pics underwater. The pics will come out clear without the blue drowning things out. Overall though, nice job and it was great for you to share those with us.
Very nice pics! I could just pictured that bommie in my reef tank! Thanks for sharing!:)

Those pics are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing them with us...
Simply Awsome!!!! God I miss Hawaii... Now you went and made me home sick... Although the diversity of species in Fiji is much better :)

Way nice pics! congrats on getting your C-card! always nice to see how things REALLY are in the ocean,,,:D
BTW: that's the camera/housing i plan to get when i go down to the Keys in Aug... you happy with it?
hmmmm i think there is a by-law stating a moderator CAN borrow other TRT'ers equipment, if it is used in the company of two TRT admin/mods,,,right Jerel? LOL
hehe nice try Jeff.

Thanks for sharing the great scenery Nathan. I can only imagine how great it was in person.
Great pics Nathen! Figi is one of my "places to see before I croak" list.
Thanks for the comments everyone.

It really was an amazing trip. If you ever get the chance it is definitely worth the trip! The soft corals were amazing, supposedly among the top 3 or 4 spots in the world, many of the corals that we saw literally covering the reef are still considered impossible to keep in our tanks.

The place where we were diving is called the Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Straits which is where there is a narrow neck between 2 islands. The currents get pretty strong there which is a big reason for why the soft corals do so well. Definitely your dive plan needs to be with the current when it is running, you only have 1 shot at most pictures because you are floating by so fast. You can swim hard against the current to stay in place but it burns up air way fast.

Safety stops on the dives when the current was running consisted of looking for any bare rock between 15 and 25 feet deep that could support you against the current. (which was hard sometimes because all the rock was covered by corals) Some of the most spectacular views were at the safety stops but the current was to strong to be able to hang on or even swim in place and take pictures.

Oh well, suffice it to say that the pictures just can't do justice to the real thing but it is definitely better than nothing! ;)

Thanks again for the compliments.

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Brooke said:
hehe nice try Jeff.
Hey , i gotta try!:rolleyes: ;)
BTW, the wide angle lens and the DS 125 strobe were actually borrowed from a fellow reefkeeper. The PT-015 housing can now be found as cheap as $149!! I got mine for $169.95 at

FWIW, Nathan
Great pix!
It is my dream to go do what you have just done. I guess I should start w/ getting certified.
stupid mac wont let me follow your links, any of em.....
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