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My tang doesn't seem go like the sea weed, none seem go like the omega one pellets much, they will not touch flake food but they all love frozen cubes of brine shrimp. The goby and tang will eat left over pellets in the sand and on rocks. But if I put the brine shrimp in they all come out go eat. The store fed themy pellets and brine. Brine only every few days. What else is there I could try so I know they get all of the proper nutrients?

40 gallon breeder tank,
Filstar xp large 30th canister filter with crushed coral and bio stars,
Current USA marine led 36watt, 54-12,000k and 18-8,000k leds, 36 inch
Dual actinic and dual daylight,
Finney hma-200, 20th at heater,
Marineland maxi jet 900 powerhead,
55lbs live rock and 40 lbs live sand,
1 diamond goby
1 ocellaris clown
2 dottybacks
1 yellow tang
1 yellowtail blue damsel

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Try some Mysis shrimp, that's usually pretty accepted by fish. Brine isn't very nutritious so you don't want that to make up the bulk of their diet. Also you could try a mix of different food or alternating. There are also herbivore mixes you could try for your tang. Keep offering the seaweed - maybe try offering it in different ways? Are you using a clip stuck to the glass? Maybe try rubberbanding some to a small rock instead. Or breaking some up to be fed along with the frozen. It's important for his health that he get algae/seaweed of some sort.
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