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Feather Duster Acclimation

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I am a novice SW reef hobbyist with 2 10-gal tanks. I just purchased a feather duster which arrived with no instructions.
How should it be placed in the tank (its now just lying on the sand bed)? What does it need for food?

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First off Welcome to the TRT!!!

you mean your critter did not come with instructions, how dare they forget them.:D i wish they came with instructions.

how long has the tank been set up? feather duster are plankton feeders. if the tank is over a year old then you may have some plankton already in the tank. if it under a year old then you are going to have to feed the feather duster. DT's seems to be food of choice for plankton feeders. you can pretty much place the duster anywhere you want. it just needs to be in a current. not strong, just enough to make its arms wave. this is how it gets its food.

Thanks Geoff,

Tank is only 6 months old - 19 lb LR - 1lb LS - fair amount of algae, and quite a few copepods/arthropods in the filter when I change it. Don't know about plankton.

What is DT and where do you get it?

any marine fish store will sell dt's or get marine snow, or anything that say food for filter feeders!
hows that hth
Get a liquid phytoplankton for these guys. Most aren't fed properly in the stores and tend to be starving when we buy them. The smaller the 'bits' in the phyto, the better. You can target feed them, they get used to the slight current you create and don't withdraw after a while.

Good luck with yours, I gave up on them because I couldn't keep them for more than a year before they dumped their feathers- they're actually quite difficult to feed.
Thanks for the help. Started feeding liquid Phyto & Zooplankton. Will wait & see how the duster & polyps do.
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