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eye candy.. warning, some are big. :)

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I finally got some decent pictures...

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oh yeah, forgot this one...

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Looks good Jeff!

That frogspawn is awesome!!!

I like the candy cane too!

P.S. where did you getr that bright orange shroom?
Wow great looking tank, i really love those yellow-orange zoos on top of the rock. If you ever get a frag of them you want to trade let me know. There gorgeous.
i could really use a tiny frag of your pink and orange shrooms if you ever have time to snip off a sliver of one. when i get a camera here in a couple weeks, i can email ya some pics of some of mine if you want to swap and get some more colors going.
--->insane in the shroombrain<---
New pics with a few new things right before bedtime...

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:cool: The inhabitants of your tank look cool to my eyes. It is too bad I can't identify most of them by sight yet.
WOW!!!!!! B-E-A-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!

Love the green frog!!!!!!!!

Hey, that orange centered zoo looks great in your tank. I hope it was everything you had hoped for!

Thanks! It's pretty awesome. Now I just need to get even more zoos that I don't have from people. They're by far my favorite corals. I really like the blue dots on those orange ones I got from you Scott. :)
i just got 4 or 5 kinda of zoos from brian (xplosivreefin) i will see what comes out of them when they open up, i might be able to get ya something you don't have already.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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