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Everyone take a look

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we all know that people new to the hobby make a lot of mistakes and i saw this clip off the early show and was shocked to see what they were telling people. take a look and see how many mistakes do you see

making a 5gall nemo tank
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wow, so i can scrap this whole 75g idea. and just go get me a 5 gallon mini bow.

i mean hey, she only had a 5 g mini bow, and added a 4" regal tang, TWO perculas, a seahorse, and a serpent star!!

sweet, what am i wasting my money on all this big fancy stuff for? geesh i wish i would have seen this show two months ago :rolleyes:
i found the clip disturbing. mostly because she put so many fish in a small tank, and made it appear simple and cheap.

i didn't write, nor boycott. not for the reasons jen pointed out, but because tetra is a primarily a fw based business. i did find it odd, that tetra did the presentation, for that reason.

i read this a few weeks ago over at rc, but blew it off, because in typical rc fashion, it was blown way out of proportion, and i read some of the childish emails that were sent threatening a boycott.

imo IF you do plan a boycott, you dont do it i na childish manner, it accomplishes nothing. the emails to petsolutions were sent, for the msot part, in an adult manner and was received well by petsolutions, and they subsequently removed thier "movie star package"

but i really dont see tetra having a massive drop in sales of fw chemicals and plastic plants, jsut because a few sw hobbyists are ticked off. even if the sw hobbyists did lobby together and boycott tetra.. what does it accomplish or how does it affect tetra, relatively speaking, it doesnt, because they sell very few sw products. and those that they do sell, are plastic plants or decorations, of which most sw folks dont use anyway.

i was unhappy with the presentation though, but in thier defense, and on a note that jen touched on, look at that display tank from AGA that was at IMAC, that tank msut have had over 100 clowns in it. but anyone attending would know better than to do that at home. and i think that anyone who saw the morning show episode, then runs to buy a 5g mini bow at thier lfs, and plans to put in two nemos and a tang and a seahorse, i now leave the resposnibility up to the lfs to teach that person the rights and wrongs of sw keeping.

i know that pet supplies plus and other chains get a bad rap, but the pet supplies plus that i frequent, has avery knowledgeable woman that runs the fish department. i often hear her schooling people on what they can or cant do for fw and sw. and she knows what shes talking about. and i always hear her ask, when someone is looking at a new sw fish to buy, the first thing she asks, how big is the tank, what else is in it, how long has it been setup, what are the water paraemters, did you bring a water sample. and so on.

my 4 cents :D
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If the end-user, or hobbyist, or fish-tank-owner is responsible and accountable for their choices, (to bring this back on track...) then all the Tetra clips in the world wouldn't matter, because people would educate themselves and know this was not the right way to proceed.
and that is why i didnt waste my time with the mindless drivel on the thread at rc about this. NOBODY at rc or TRT is goign to run out and buy a 5g mini bow and stock it full of nemos and dorys and seahorses, because the tetra woman did it. they know better.

i agree with you too that it is ultimately the hobbyists responsibility to research before purchasing. but i feel that a responsible lfs, should help kick start that info seeking. it's not hard to get info these days, good bad or otherwise, especially with the boom of the internet, but sometimes, for some people it's finding that initial key to start the information seeking process, such as a site name, a few keywords etc...

the cyanide issue.... i wont even comment on that. other than to say i agree 100% i would love to see folks get as worked up about that, or boycott places that use cyanide capturing techniques, as they did over tetras misinformation. but i feel it's not gonna happen. many just dont care, probably for the reason you stated, it's not "in your face"

one thing i noticed in the clip, the tetrea spokeswoman mentioned that all of the fish in her demonstration were farm rasied in florida and better for tanks since they aren't wild cauught. i have never heard of farm rasied blue tangs.. is this true, or more misinformation. eventually for the new tank i will be getting a powder blue tang or regal tang, but thought they were all ocean captured?
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that's what i thought. thanks jen
:D i dated a woman in Montreal named could fight her :funny:
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