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Everyone take a look

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we all know that people new to the hobby make a lot of mistakes and i saw this clip off the early show and was shocked to see what they were telling people. take a look and see how many mistakes do you see

making a 5gall nemo tank
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OMG!!!!!!! :eek: This is Why I will Never buy any Tetra Products. Could the lady be more dense. I was horrified when she said that you need to add a conditioner to the tank to take chlorine out of the saltwater tank which leads me to believe that she has read only the fresh water instructions to the "kit tank" Also she not living up to her 1" of fish per gallon rule as the Tang even at that size needs a tank bigger than a 7 gallon. I am sure JennM is going to be horrified when she sees them dump the seahorse in the tank. How irresponsible is the Tetra Company being. Also doesn't Tetra specialize in just Fresh Water Aquarium Products? Who ever coordinated this peice should be thrown in the Piranha tank that they were demonstrating next.

Thanks for sharing karlas as I am sure Alice and many others including my self will be writing an e-mail to both CBS the Morning Show and Tetra.

They were making this out like the majority of saltwater fish are farm raised an I believe that there are only about 50 or so species of saltwater fish that can be captive bred. OOOOOOOHHHHHH this makes me mad. :mad: :angry: :angry:

There are people who should not be let near an aquarium.

Sorry for the rant. It is stuff like this blatant disregard for facts or the truth in the media these days that set me on end.

They should have shown their little 5 gallon Nemo tank a week later as everything in the tank became floating Nemo and friends.

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