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ES5-2/in-sump skimmer

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I've been a lil scarce on the boards this summer but that's my MO-overboard in the winter, "careful neglect" in the summer (why do my corals look happier now:p?). Anyways...
come september i'm gonna be moving on up to about a 40 gallon system and i'm looking for suggestions on a skimmer. i'm pretty intrigued by the euro-reef ES5-2 and plan a sump which would accomodate an in-sump style skimmer. reviews seem pretty good, anyone within shouting distance have experience with em? or would ya'll steer me another way? any input would be greatly appreciated! take care folks-
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this is the skimmer I plan to buy for my 40g tank, it is strongly recommended by Lunchbucket, as he also uses one
Talk to Greg Shields at Reef Mania. The skimmer I got from him is absolutely fantastic! I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. His will be less expensive than an ETS. I have had lots of dry foam bubbling up in mine from the start. I get about a half gallon of thick green muck out of the overflow bottle every 3 days.

Greg - if you read this I want a discount next time....(kidding).

yeah lunchy and i go way back! :D and i trusted him on this one. as i didn't really get any responses for 3 weeks+ i thought this thread was dead!
i ordered my ES5-3 (upgraded from ES5-2 cuz they were out of stock) back then too and greg-reefmania is currently building a sump for me that will work around that beautiful skimmer.
my only hesitation with the skimmers greg is building was the size with his small model rated to 150G! plus he drives them with large pumps which i would prefer to avoid. so citing heat, size and noise i went with the euro.
i'll keep everyone updated as i make progress on the tank-now to build me a stand!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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