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PCX30 external pump. 982 gph. very quiet pump. functionally flawless, aesthetically some paint is seperating from the housing. used less than one year.

Poseidon T4 external pump. 1225 gph. the most silent pump available. used one year.

Aquaclear 110. use for 60-110 gallon tanks. fresh or salt. intended to use as a hang on the back refugium. new in box. never used.

Marineland HOT Magnum hang on canister filter. great for quick water filtration, water clarifying. 250 gph.

50 gallon heavy duty garbage cans. do not hold water. but indestructable otherwise.
$20 each

Eclipse 3 mini acrylic tank. i used this for a mantis shrimp tank. great little system.
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