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I'm just reading through posts and sadly I can not help. I have a royal gramma that I am trying to nurse back to health right now myself. He has cloudy eyes and this morning I found him laying on his side but alive. I gave him a quick fresh water dip and have been dosing food with Kanaplex but he didn't eat today. Tomorrow he goes in a quaranteen tank where I can directly dose him with Kanaplex.

It is sad to lose a fish. I also keep reptiles... Lots of reptiles (snakes), and suffered a few big losses this last year. It sounds corny maybe but I have dreams about it. I have been diagnosed with PTSD from my service in the war and think maybe that may be a part of it but I simply want to detach from it sometimes.

I truly hope you can save the little guy and that someone can give you some good advise.
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