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i have had 2 clownfish for almost 5 months

one of them has started to lay on the sand or wherever the water takes him

they usually are weird at night and stay in one spot..but this clown is not moving at all

he is also breathing heavily.

what is this?

is he just being weird or is he sick
how do i tell

he also will not eat when food is in front of him

any immediate action i can take?

thank you

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I'm just reading through posts and sadly I can not help. I have a royal gramma that I am trying to nurse back to health right now myself. He has cloudy eyes and this morning I found him laying on his side but alive. I gave him a quick fresh water dip and have been dosing food with Kanaplex but he didn't eat today. Tomorrow he goes in a quaranteen tank where I can directly dose him with Kanaplex.

It is sad to lose a fish. I also keep reptiles... Lots of reptiles (snakes), and suffered a few big losses this last year. It sounds corny maybe but I have dreams about it. I have been diagnosed with PTSD from my service in the war and think maybe that may be a part of it but I simply want to detach from it sometimes.

I truly hope you can save the little guy and that someone can give you some good advise.

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Clown Fish sick

What happened to the Clown Fish?
Mine has been in the bottom of the tank for 2 days, but today I found her on her side
I've done two water changes in the last 24 hours
Nitrates and Nitrites were high
everything else is fine
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